(Laser Applications and Materials Processing Inc.)

Laseramp is an Industrial Laser Applications consulting company. Laseramp offers over 20 years of knowledge and experience in industrial lasers.

• Laseramp has experience with CO2 lasers from 20 watts to 20 Kwatts, for laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling and laser heat-treatment.
• Laseramp has experience with Nd:YAG lasers, both pulsed and CW from 4watts to 4Kwatts, for laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding.
• Laseramp can help to specify what type of laser system is required for your application.


Do you have any of the following problems?

• Laser system not making the part quality you require
• Laser welds cracking
• Laser drilling not making the hole size you require
• Need to transfer programs to a new system
• Not sure where to start with a part
• Uncertain as to what type of laser system is needed for application
• Will a laser system work for your type of part

Laseramp can help you find a solution to any of the above problems.


The laser is only part of the system. The laser beam needs to be manipulated on the workpiece by some means, for example a CNC motion system, a robot, a scanner or sometimes a combination of all of these components. How do you get all of these parts to work together properly?


Laseramp has over 20 years of Laser Applications, CNC programming, and Training experience. Laseramp offers Laser Process Development, to optimize laser cutting parameters on your system Laseramp will Train Laser Operators to optimize machine capabilities Laseramp can Train Engineers on how to best apply Laser systems for your application

Contact: Iain Ferguson
Tel: (612) 216 5003
E-mail: applications@laseramp-inc.com